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I'm inspired by denim's 'character', Its' beautiful hues of Indigo, and its texture and hand-feel.

Wearing denim feels like home.  I love taking something dressy like a pair of trousers and pairing it with a denim shirt. or wearing a ripped jean that I've had for years and sliding into my kitten heel Rockstud Valentino's. I love white denim in the Summer with a linen tee and Fall with a cashmere sweater.


I love that the more I wear my jeans they are constantly changing in character and personality.

I've been in the denim game for a little over 15 years and was very lucky to have been mentored by some amazing and talented true blue "jeaners". Working with the likes of Rick Crane and Tim Kaeding.; these gentleman helped shape my view and got me off to the best start!  

I've had the good fortune to have toured some of the best denim mills in the world, like Candiani in Italy and Cone Mills White Oak in North Carolina 

Thank you for viewing my Streetwear page!

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